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I produce workshops centered around Applied Creative Practice: utilizing creative process and exercises to benefit the participants both professionally and personally.

My workshops are flexible and can be tailored to suit the participants, however I usually focus on autobiography, theatre and performance technique.

In the last ten years as a freelance workshop leader I have worked for The Shore Youth Project, Ad-Lib Theatre Arts, Manchester Metropolitan University and Cheshire East Social services.

I have experience working 1-on-1 as well as delivering workshops with groups of children, young people and adults of different backgrounds and with diverse, complex emotional or psychological needs.

Below is a video I produced working with Cheshire East, where I delivered a workshop around using autobiography and spoken word to express difficult experiences. Together we created a Spoken Word video that has become the central promotional material of the Stop Adult Abuse campaign. If you wish to read more about the campaign you can do so here.

The work is 95% the product of the participants with only minor edits provided by myself.

Although not all workshop projects result in producing a performance or video, where they do I endeavor to make work that is of high quality, that the participants can feel ownership and pride for.

If you wish to contact me about arranging a workshop, you can do so by emailing me here.

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