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Talk to Me
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"What do you want me to say?"

A couple, torn apart, try to find a way to communicate again.

Created in isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this digital theatre project was first shown as part of the On The Verge festival

Devised by the company.

Written and adapted by Megan Lovat.

Cast: Lawrence Boothman, Georgia Figgis &  Trevor Telesz


Created in collaboration, three young women tell the stories of their lives through audience mouths.


Performed at the Electric Picture House Congleton Dec 2017.

See Her

Fame. Identity. Secrecy. Deception.

Do you See Her?

Created in collaboration for 3rd Year final assessment at MMU BA Contemporary Theatre and Performance.


"We're all kind of connected."

Produced as both a live play and a short film, this was my first script. I learned a lot from this process, and I'm grateful to all involved. 

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